Travel Entrepreneurship 101:


In this 12 month program you will learn the business start up essentials you will need to build your business on a solid foundation, and you can start booking right away through Gifted Travel Network. Get step-by-step instructions for setting your goals, achieve your financial targets, and coached by your very own mentor through it all. Receive 13 modules that provide a clear blueprint to writing your own marketing plan, creating a rock solid sales process, detailed instructions to booking travel and getting clients to work with you right away. Learn operational tips and mindset strategies that will have you acting like an empire-building entrepreneur.  

Is this program for you?

Do you love travel but never thought about turning it into a career? Now you can. With the Travel MBA program you have the opportunity to create a life making your own hours, be your own boss, and work from where ever you want.

This program was designed for:

•  College grads  
•  Stay at home parents  
•  Second career seeking individuals  
•  Entrepreneurs at heart  
•  Anyone with a love for travel  
•  And even travel agents who felt they didn’t get proper business direction they need

Hi I’m Meredith Hill, founder and CEO of Gifted Travel Network, GTN, and the Global Institute For Travel Entrepreneurs, GIFTE. Many years ago I was in a passionless but successful career, spending my time daydreaming about working for myself in a business built around my greatest passion – travel. I eventually got the courage to leave my Wall Street career and pursue this passion of travel. But my happy ending took a long time to come my way. I never quite found a program that taught me how to be successful as an entrepreneur selling travel. All the programs taught me an old out-dated path to becoming a travel agent. I was determined and I eventually figured it out – I paved my own path and built a thriving successful business selling travel to million and billionaires wanting to go to Africa. It’s my burning desire to share this path because I know I‘m not the only one who wants to build a successful entrepreneurial venture selling travel.

Why the Travel Marketing and Business Academy?

What makes our program different?

We have developed a very clear sequence to building your business and have found that when people don’t follow this sequence they get very confused, have no clear goals, and end up owning an expensive hobby instead of a successful business.

Let us guide you on this path to success in travel.
  • "Being part of GTN is the best of all worlds. At GTN I really feel supported, not only in product knowledge, but more importantly in best business practices. As a solo entrepreneur, I have a “home office”who truly cares about my success on all level; financial, professional and personal growth. It’s truly a win/win for all."

  • "GTN has been super helpful getting my agency up and running. I am new to the travel industry and everyone has been very helpful. They have mentors, a great selection of hotels through their consortia and lots of motivating seminars and webinars."

  • "GTN is an amazing host agency and incredibly supportive to their agents. I highly recommend GTN for new agents looking to start off on the right foot as GTN’s MBA program teaches the nuances of the travel industry I wish I learned when I started, rather than figuring it out the hard way, on my own. I also recommend GTN for experienced agents who are ready to work with a host agency that supports you as you market yourself as the travel professional that you are."

  • "I am a new agent in GTN’s Travel MBA program. My Aha moment came on a Travel MBA call. With the help of GTN mentor Lisa Fletcher and Meredith Hill, discovering what my niche should be has become one of the best things I have received from GTN."

Here's what you Get

  Tool #1 - Course Curriculum

Your Travel MBA Program comes with an easy to follow, online, 13-module curriculum that you will digest on a weekly basis.  Each module is a 60-minute video you can watch from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet connection.  You have 24/7 access to the curriculum so you can repeat as often as you want.  Each module comes with worksheets, helpful links, resources and the slides to reinforce the lessons.  By the end of the 13 module curriculum, you will have a clear and comprehensive path to building a successful travel business covering all 5 pillars to success:  Sales, Marketing, Operations, Industry/Supplier Knowledge and Mindset. The online curriculum will be supplemented with live virtual classes for optimal learning.

  Tool #2 - Monthly Q&A with Meredith

You'll never get stuck in this program with personal, one-on-one guidance from Meredith herself. Got a question on the curriculum? Attend the monthly Q&A call and just raise your hand.

  Tool #3 - Nail Your Niche Coaching Session with Meredith

Your business should reflect your passion and be founded in your individual brilliance. Meredith is a master at helping travel professionals tap into their brilliance to develop a core, compelling message that speaks to their ideal clients. With personal guidance from Meredith, you will know exactly how to convey your value to the clients who are looking for what you have to offer.

 Tool #4 - Experienced Travel Agent Mentor

Start selling travel as soon as possible. Don't worry if you are brand new. We have you covered! You get access to your very own travel agent mentor. From your very first client, you can appear experience and professional as you tap your travel agent mentor to guide you through the process of booking your first vacation. Your mentor is available to you on an ongoing basis through email and weekly "open office hours." To keep you on track, you will have a private coaching call with your mentor every month.

  Tool #5 - Travel Agent Credentials (through Hosting with Gifted Travel Network)

Get the ability to book travel and earn commissions from the moment you sign up through your partnership with Gifted Travel Network as your host agency. Every successful travel business needs great partners. With GTN as your host, you will earn top tier commissions, get access to a web-based customer management system, a free marketing and relationship development program, a free research and itinerary building tool, support in collecting your commissions, free Errors & Omissions insurance, the privileges for you and your clients of being part of the TRAVELSAVERS/Affluent Travel Collection, and more.

  Tool #6 - Your Tribe

Connect with fellow students in the Travel MBA program in your private Facebook group. Share your success, brainstorm for ideas, ask questions, give others feedback, share resources and get the support you need.

  Tool #7 - Completion Certificate

Once you have completed the curriculum, your mentor will assess how well you have mastered the content and implemented the strategies you have learned. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate and a logo to showcase your mastery.

100% Satisfaction, No Risk To You, Money Back Guarantee*

We are so convinced you are going to love your Travel MBA Program that we are giving you a money back guarantee. We want you to feel very comfortable making the decision to invest in this opportunity to change your life.

If you are not 100% thrilled with what you're learning - just let us know within the first 30 days of the program. Simply contact us and we will refund your investment.

* We will refund your payments back to your credit card, less a $249 administrative fee associated with the set up of user licenses for hosting.

If you were to buy each component of the program separately, it would cost you over $7,000. If you were to pay tuition for 1 year in a graduate level program, it would cost you at least $8,000 and as much as $40,000 and you wouldn’t get a money back guarantee! We carefully selected the components to this program and the bonus for ONLY $2,997!
We also have a 6-pay option of only $560 per month or a 12-pay option of only $280 per month available.


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